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Collective Worship

At Uffington C of E Primary School, we place a significant emphasis on worship as a central component of the school day, in accordance with the Education Act. As stated in the Act, our collective worship is "wholly or mainly of a broad Christian character," with a focus on the broad traditions of Christian belief.

Collective worship holds a significant place in our school day and reflects our Christian beliefs, practices, and values. We carefully plan worship themes around our Christian values to nurture children’s spiritual development, encourage reflection on personal experiences and those of others, and promote an understanding of the life and teachings of Jesus.

Our collective worship is inclusive, welcoming all members of our community to engage in an emotional and reflective experience. It provides an opportunity to explore life through the lens of our school's vision and values. Our worship is led by the Head Teacher, teaching staff, and our local ministry team. We strive to make worship creative and inspiring, incorporating storytelling, music, singing, prayer, world events and moments of reflection. When appropriate, pupils are encouraged to participate in planning and leading worship. 

In our collective worship sessions, both pupils and staff have the opportunity to:

  • Commemorate Christian seasons, festivals, and school values aligned with our vision.
  • Acknowledge the achievements of pupils and adults.
  • Engage in prayer, stillness, worship, and reflection.
  • Deepen their understanding of prayer and actively participate in it.
  • Cultivate a reflective approach to life, including contemplating profound questions.
  • Foster a sense of community grounded in our distinct Christian vision.
  • Experience a variety of worship styles.
  • Actively engage in the planning, leadership, and evaluation of worship.
  • Feel secure and validated.
  • Worship in a manner that resonates with their personal beliefs.

Worship is viewed as a means of connecting with God and understanding our place in a constantly changing world. Aligned with our Vision of "Everyone Matters," worship at our school is designed to integrate with the curriculum, nurturing spiritual growth, encouraging moral contemplation within a Christian framework, promoting social awareness, and facilitating reflections on faith's significance in contemporary society.

At Uffington C of E Primary School, our actions are rooted in Christian Visions & Values. Through our core values of Love, Honesty and Courage, coupled with our love for one another, we strive for success while feeling supported, embodying our school motto of being "Everyone Matters."

We believe that school worship should be a distinctive and special time for both adults and children within the school day, characterised by its unique ambiance. While worship is separate from the daily curriculum, it remains interconnected with the classroom, school environment, playground, and the broader world. Whether it involves a moment of silence, guided reflections in the classroom, or a complete service at the parish church, all forms of worship are valued and have their place in our school community.