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Emergency Closure

As a school we will always make every effort to keep school open during snow days. 

We fully appreciate the impact that a closure can have on busy, hard working parents.

However, if conditions on site pose significant health and safety issues, or if we simply cannot be assured of having the necessary numbers of staff on site to ensure the well-being of pupils we will reluctantly, take the decision to close. If we are forced to close, or partially close, we will use every means to communicate this to our Parents/Carers as quickly as we can.

The decision will be taken between 6.30am and 7.00am, and this will be shared with all parents by text. It will also be listed on the Oxfordshire County Council website. Please ensure that all contact details are updated via the School Office. A follow up email will also be sent to parents to inform them of closure/part closure.

Please do follow any additional instructions which may appear on site, in the event of partial closure e.g. sticking to paths which have been gritted.