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Gifted and Talented Pupils


At Uffington C of E Primary School, we recognise and celebrate the unique abilities and talents of all our pupils. We aim to nurture and support those individuals who demonstrate exceptional potential in academic, creative, or practical areas.

Identification and Provision
We employ a variety of methods to identify gifted and talented pupils, including teacher nominations, standardised test scores, and observations of exceptional performance in specific areas.  Once identified, pupils are provided with opportunities and challenges to further develop and enhance their talents.

Adaptive Teaching
Our teachers are trained to adapt their instruction to meet the diverse learning needs of all pupils, including those identified as gifted and talented. They provide stimulating and challenging tasks to ensure that these pupils are continuously engaged and motivated to achieve their full potential.

Celebration of Achievements
We celebrate the achievements and successes of our gifted and talented pupils through Collective Worship, the school website and newsletters. By acknowledging their accomplishments, we aim to inspire and motivate all pupils to strive for excellence in their endeavours.

Parent and Community Involvement
We actively involve parents, carers, and the wider community in supporting the development of our gifted and talented pupils. Collaboration between home and school is essential in providing a holistic and nurturing environment for these pupils to thrive.