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Homework Guidelines

Wayland Class

Children are expected to read everyday for 15 minutes 
Each week day they should complete a ten minute Doodle activity either Doodlemaths or DoodleEnglish
They can as an additional option do a times table or spelling activity on Doodle 
About Doodle.
Doodle are a set of apps that can be used on smartphones, tablets and computers. They cover the core areas of maths and English, and the four apps create a personalised learning experience for every child tailored to their needs, but completing these tasks little and often, the children's recall and confidence are boosted. Assignments are also set through Doodle to link directly to the lesson at school to help children consolidate their understanding.
Wayland class have early morning sessions for children to come and complete homework, should they find it difficult to access the apps at home or they want help from the class teacher with any of the tricky questions.

Dragon Class

Your child should be reading three times a week, that could be to any adult or older sibling. This will support them with work in class. We read books as a class and access texts which can be quite a challenge. Reading with your child will help them to access and enjoy quality books. We check diaries throughout the week to make sure they are reading at home. Your child also needs to be able to read the questions related to some of our maths work. 

Doodle - One piece of English, Maths or Spelling work per day through the week. This work is tailored to your child's ability.

TT Rock Stars - 15 mins per week. This could be in multiple sessions or in one 15 minute session throughout the week. 

A Dragon Class homework club runs on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday where children can come into school from 8:25am - 8:30am to complete their homework and get help from the class teacher if required.

Ridgeway Class

Homework will be set on a Friday and the book is expected to be returned to school by the following Wednesday.

Reading Homework

This is ongoing: Please read with your child at least 3 times a week, recording it in their reading record as normal. This doesn’t need to be their school reading book, it could be something else like a magazine, cereal box or the online reading books. It also doesn’t need to be the whole book, just a page or two.

In this homework book children will be set a small piece of Maths, Rocket Phonics/English homework to complete each week.

It should take no more than 15/20 mins to complete and is designed to consolidate your child's learning for the week, or to help learn important number facts, phonic sounds or letter formations. It is best to complete little and often over the week. 

Children can complete their homework in the book or in another way. If they have completed it verbally, or practically, please just write a comment explaining how they did so we know they have completed their tasks.

If you have any problems completing homework or if their is any unwillingness from your child, please do write a comment to explain. Extra support can be put in place if needed.

I do not want to make homework stressful for you or your child.

Please note that the homework book will be checked by an adult weekly.

Thankyou for your continued support,

White Horse Class

In reception, we ask that parents/ carers support their children with reading at home, both with reading their Rocket Phonics reading book, and also engaging with your child's library book with them to promote reading for pleasure. We ask that the children read their whole Rocket Phonics reading book three times before we change it, to ensure fluency and comprehension. We change books as needed on a Monday and Friday. Your child does not need to read the whole book in one go, you can divide it up into shorter reads if this is more manageable for your child. There are questions at the back of the Rocket Phonics reading books to use to discuss the book with your child, however you do not need to limit yourself to these and these can be used at different stages throughout the book rather than just at the end.

We very much appreciate all your support and can ensure you it makes such a difference!