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Our Governors

We are a carefully selected group of people, chosen or elected to represent a cross section of skills and experience. We access local training to ensure the knowledge base of the governing body is suitable, and regularly monitor this to ensure we remain as such. This brings us together as a diverse and varied team, enabling us to look at issues from multiple perspectives. The governing body always includes the Head teacher and a member of staff from the school.

Our primary purpose is not the day-to-day operations of the school, that is the role of the Head teacher. The governing body is here to work alongside her, to set the long term strategy and financial plan for the school, steer academic performance and support the Head teacher to deliver and ensure compliance with local and national policy.

Our governors all belong to one of two committees which encompass the work of the governing body. They also work alongside a member of staff to support our School Development Plan

Governors (ID 1103)

  • Mr John-Paul Roche
    Chair of Governors
  • Dave Walker
    Vice Chair of Governors
  • Lisa Bradbury
    Head Teacher
  • Stephanie Sheppard
    Staff Governor
  • Jane Henderson
    Co-Opted Governor
  • Joanna Parman
    Parent Governor
  • Elizabeth Underhill
    Co-Opted Governor
  • Reverend Jeremy Goulston
    Foundation Governor

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