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The Thomas Saunders Trust

Dear Parents and Carers,

As a long standing supporter of the Thomas Saunders Trust (over 30 years) I would like to give you some background to the Saunders Trust.

Thomas Saunders was a wealthy gentleman and landowner from Woolstone who founded the original school for 12 boys in 1617.

The Saunders Trust was founded in 1644 by his son, also called Thomas Saunders. He endowed the school with land and a house to provide in perpetuity for a schoolmaster.

The schoolroom is now Tom Brown’s School Museum. In 2017, the 400th year since the founding of the school, the Saunders Trust commissioned a memorial plaque which is mounted on the wall of the museum.

The Trust nowadays exists to provide financial help to some pupils at the school for educational trips and other necessities.

The Trust also presents dictionaries for the year 6 pupils at a ‘Founders Day Service’ at the end of the school year.

The children process to the Old Schoolroom to give thanks to Thomas Saunders for founding the original school and lay flowers on his grave. This is followed by a presentation in the church by those pupils who will be leaving.

The school is a central part of our village and highly valued by the villagers, including those in Woolstone and Baulking.

The Founders Day Service is one that is long remembered by those children who take part in it and it is hoped that this will continue for many years to come.

The Trust would like to increase its capital to enable it to continue to support children into the future. It is the interest on the capital which we spend each year.

The Saunders Trust is a registered charity and is managed by representatives from Uffington and Woolstone and is chaired by the Vicar.

We would love to welcome new members to join us

The trustees would also be grateful for any donations. especially those that are  given on Founders Day.

Envelopes can be provided for your donations.

With best wishes

Maxine Parsons (Trustee)