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The Trainline have put together a guide to booking family train tickets. For information on how to travel and what they have included please visit https://www.thetrainline.com/trains/great-britain/family-train-tickets


Royal Lifesaving Society

Drowning is preventable, yet over 300 lives are lost to drowning across the UK and Ireland each year. Water safety education is vital and, in some instances, could be a child’s only opportunity to learn about the water.

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Winter Water Safety

rlss winter water safety booklet.pdf



 NSPCC free online resources for parents 

 Oxfordshire County Council child pedestrian Road Safety scheme called Footsteps

When children are at Primary School, they are normally brought to school by their parents who ensure they cross the road safely by telling them where and when it is safe to cross. This does not prepare children for the time when they start to walk to school without an adult.

If they are ill-prepared, children are much more likely to be killed or injured in a road traffic incident, seen by the fact that the number of child pedestrians hurt rises significantly around 10-12 years of age – the time at which they begin to go out unaccompanied by adults.

The aim of the Footsteps programme is to encourage parents and carers to help prepare their child for the time they will be independent. They will do this by including the child in decision making while they are together. This is a gradual process that can be adapted to the child’s age and ability and parents will be able to assess when their child is proficient enough to be independent.

The programme is simple for parents to use as it can be carried out in normal everyday situations such as walking to school or to the local shops. Rather than telling children what to do, parents are encouraged to ask lots of open questions to make the children think about the decisions they are making.

Footsteps Parents guide 2021

 PGL Trip  Information

PGL Kit List

PGL information for Parents- Please note that a member of Uffington staff will be with your child at all times.