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Vision and Values

Note from Mrs Cook

Our school vision has been an evolution over a number of years taking into account the ever-changing context of the school.

In January 2024, I was appointed as head teacher and within my first term I spent time gathering the views of the stakeholders about the current vision and values.  It became very apparent that the school is at the heart of the community and this is something that we need to celebrate.  It also became apparent that since the vision and values were last updated there have been numerous events that have happened locally and across the world (COVID being one of them) that have impacted the way that our children have been challenged.

Taking this in to account a working party gathered and looked at how to build on the previous values and deepen these further.  Our previous values of honesty and courage pushed the school in the right direction and now, based on our current context, we have decided to continue developing the value of honesty, as part of respect.  Courage is shown by the community of Uffington and there is a real willingness to have a go so we want to develop this further through the value of resilience.  Our understanding of love will continue to be developed as a guiding principle for all that we do.

The vision ‘Everyone Matters,’ is still very much at the forefront of everything that we say and do, showing the importance of valuing every individual, as was taught in the parable of The Lost Sheep.

The launch of our new values will happen as part of our annual White Horse Week this summer (2024).  I am looking forward to getting the children involved with creating images linked to values and a new logo for our school vision which encapsulates the deeper meaning of our theological underpinning (The Lost Sheep).


vision statement for the website may 2024.pdf